Whether you need cosmetic or family dental care, we know that choosing a new dentist can be difficult. If you've recently moved, have put off dental care for a while, or are generally anxious about going to the dentist, the team at Carolina General & Cosmetic Dentistry understands. One of the most respected and experienced dentists in Spartanburg, S.C., Dr. Katherine Nicholson has built a dental practice based on providing the best dental care possible. This includes putting patients—especially new patients—at ease and alleviating their anxiety about dental care.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the testimonials below from new patients who have chosen Carolina General and Cosmetic Dentistry within the last year. Then find out everything you need to know on our New Patient Information page.

And when you’re ready, let us know if you want to set up your first appointment. Whether you are having an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, or you have a busy schedule and finding a time that works may be difficult, our great staff will work to get you in. We’ll be here for you.


What New Patients Are Saying:


"I really enjoyed my visit at my new dental office. Felt comfortable and very relaxed. I was dreading starting all over after being at my previous dental office for several years. I would definitely recommend Dr. Nicholson and her staff!" - S.B.

"They completely took care of my problem in a quick and very professional way. I was in a real bind as to time for help, and they jumped right to my rescue. I will highly recommend them." - R.H.

"It was only my first visit, so basically an X-ray and discussion, but I was very pleased with the staff. Both Dr. Nicholson and her staff put you at ease, which to me is highly important for a dental visit, and give you a good layman's understanding of your overall dental situation. I'll be going back." - J.G.

"Professional, skilled, friendly care is always received. I highly recommend to others. They make you feel at ease. I don't dread the dentist anymore!" - C.H

"I could not ask for a more professional, knowledgeable dental experience than what I received. This is the BEST!!!!" - A.P.

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