Insurance Can Be a Hassle

June 12, 2018
Dr. Katherine Nicholson

Insurance Can Be a Hassle

Insurance Can Be a Hassle - But Being a Patient at Carolina General & Cosmetic Dentistry Isn't

At Carolina General & Cosmetic Dentistry, we strive to make getting dental and oral care you need as painless as possible. That’s why we have invested in technological advances in dentistry that make treatment more comfortable and convenient and reduce the amount of time you are in the dental chair.

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But this commitment means more than using modern technology in treatment. It also means investing in our staff, our business operations and our collective expertise. One of the most important ways we do this is by ensuring we stay on top of the constantly shifting dental insurance landscape. Co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles, annual maximum benefit, in-network, out-of-network … the terminology alone is enough to give you a headache. Combined with the reality that many employer plans change slightly (or not so slightly!) nearly every year, understanding and maximizing your dental benefits is a big challenge for many families in obtaining dental care.

Indeed, it is a challenge for many dental practices, too. That’s why some either don’t accept certain insurance plans or don’t file on behalf of their patients.

That’s not the case at Carolina General & Cosmetic Dentistry. We accept all dental insurance plans, including the dental insurance provided by all of Spartanburg’s major employers such as BMW Manufacturing Corp., Milliken & Co., Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, Michelin, and Spartanburg Steel, just to name a few. We will file for reimbursement on behalf of all of our patients, even for plans that reimburse the patient directly rather than the practice. We believe handling this for our patients is one of the best things we can do to make getting dental care easier.

Additionally, our Dental Insurance Coordinator, Jennifer, is the best in the business! She has nearly 12 years of experience as an insurance coordinator, including five years here at CGCD. She knows most dental insurance plans inside and out, understands the intricacies of the benefits filing process for each, and is on a first-name basis with benefits experts from many of the most popular insurance carriers. Whether you have an individual plan or a family plan, Jennifer will ensure you maximize your benefits and pay as little out of pocket as possible.

Here are some of Jennifer’s tips:

“A lot of people mistake their health insurance card for their dental insurance card. Or, they might not even have a dental insurance card. Try to verify with your employer’s human resources department if you have a dental insurance card or who your dental insurance is with.”

“When patients call to set up their first appointment, it helps if they have this information at the time. I like to get everything verified before their first visit so that no red flags or issues pop up later.”

“If a patient does not have the information, I take it upon myself to get it for them. A lot of times I know who their plan is with based upon who their employer is. If I don’t know, I can either figure it out by visiting the employer’s website or by calling them. Once I know what carrier they use, I can access that insurance plan’s online portal and verify the patient’s coverage and benefits.”

If you have questions about your dental insurance benefits, give Jennifer a call today at 864-577-9400. She’ll sort it out for you so that you can focus on taking care of your family’s dental care and oral health.

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